Enterprise DVI KVM Switch

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Geeben 8-Port 16-Port HD USB DVI KVM Switch

Geeben GBS0408D GBS0416D enables users to quickly switch between 8 and 16 computer hosts from a single USB keyboard, mouse and a DVI digital HD video signal port for efficient multi-tasking;

(The GBS0408D GBS0416D DVI KVM Switch supports Ultra HD video resolution up to 1920x1080@60Hz).

Supporting Full HD 120Hz 3D stereoscopic display, users can enjoy a wider screen display, providing you with a good working experience.


Geeben GBS0408D GBS0416D DVI KVM Switch can switch between 8 and 16 computers. Geeben GBS0408D GBS0416D DVI KVM Switch can switch between 8 or 16 computers and offers a 2-port USB Hub function that allows USB keyboard and mouse data to be switched quickly and seamlessly via the KVM cable. At the same time, the USB Hub allows each computer to access two additional USB 2.0 universal peripherals;

The devices are easy and convenient to install, simply plug the cables into their corresponding ports and they are ready to use; no software configuration is required and there are no incompatibility issues.

Works on a wide range of operating system platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac.



 Meet the DVI specification, a set of USB keyboard, mouse control 8, 16 DVI computer host;

 Built-in 2-port USB Hub, fully compatible with USB2.0 specification standard;

 Two flexible switching methods: front panel key switching and keyboard hotkey switching;

 Support 1920x1080@60Hz, Full HD 120Hz 3D stereoscopic display with 240FPS frame rate and 120FPS per eye;

 Keyboard and mouse support port emulation with GB_bypass function, support for IBM, DELL, HP, Double Flying Swallow, GEEBEN and other keyboard and mouse;

 Cross-multi-platform system support for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac, etc.;

Geeben Digital HD Video DVI KVM Switch 8-Port 16-Port KVM Switch DVI KVM Switch Switcher 

Selectable Models:

Geeben GBS-0408D 8-port Rackmount DVI KVM Switch 

Geeben GBS-0416D 16-port Rackmount DVI KVM Switch 

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